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What Is Commercial Real Estate?

A possible commercial real estate property
What is CRE?

When you think of Real Estate the first thing that might come to mind is someone showing a house to potential buyers. So what is Commercial Real Estate? Well it is somewhat the same except usually instead of an agent trying to fill a home with a new family it is an agent trying to fill Hotels, Retail Spaces, Office Spaces, Industrial Warehouses, Special Purpose Spaces and Multi-Family Units. Commercial Real Estate or CRE is the buying or selling of property for business or to provide a company with a space to operate their business. Though the buying and selling of commercial properties is a big part of CRE, the steady cash flow comes from leasing vacant spaces to companies who in return pay a monthly amount for rent. A Commercial Real Estate business can be as small as a few people to a company that has hundreds to thousands of people. Usually there is a team of of Commercial Real Estate Agents who help a Broker find properties to buy, sell, and lease. You do not necessarily need a team of agents, as a broker you can perform all aspects of the Commercial Real Estate business on your own. Commercial Real Estate is huge and can provide a great opportunity to those who are interested.



If you have been interested in Commercial Real Estate or after reading this blog post have a new found interest in CRE, consider subscribing to our blog. We will posting information like this to bring more knowledge of CRE as well as updates and information on our own CRE company Commercial Real Estate Services (CRES).

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